The Wolanski Family Specialist Learning Centre (SLC)

The Wolanski Family Specialist Learning Centre (SLC) provides support for Years K-12 students, whose learning styles and issues may be outside the mainstream.


Working in partnership with class and subject teachers, parents and other stakeholders, programs are developed to accommodate students so that they are able to work towards maximising their learning potential.


Students who require support from the SLC are multi-faceted people, who also happen to have a learning difficulty and/or gifts and talents, and/or speak English as a second language. We seek to demystify learning difficulties and barriers and offer appropriate learning and teaching programs to build skills that might be missing or under-developed. The approach adopted by the SLC team relies on research showing that Relationships, Resilience and Reflection are influential in effective learning and memory. These relate to curriculum matters, interpersonal skills and life goals.


An experienced educational and developmental psychologist and expert teachers assess students’ needs and develop programs to address these. Decisions for support are made on the basis of needs, resources and time available. Where students’ needs fall outside the ambit of the School, we encourage interaction with external specialists, such as speech and occupational therapists and other psychologists.


Our quest for continuous improvement means that we are constantly evaluating and trialling new techniques, methodologies and software. Where these prove worthwhile, they are adopted and integrated into school programs.

Educate A Child According To The Child’s Path

Proverbs 22:6
חנוך לנער על פי דרכו - Chanoch La Naar Al-Piy Darcho

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