High School House System

The House system helps integrate Jewish Life with mentoring, peer support and student wellbeing, and encourages student interactions and friendships that transcend different Year groups, while also providing opportunities for student leadership.


In the High School students are placed in Houses and join the relevant House Tutor Group. In most Year groups there are two Tutor Groups in each House (Rabin, Rashi, Szenes and Meir). Tutors (teachers) oversee the general wellbeing of their students and monitor student progress in academic and other domains, punctuality, uniform, completion of homework etc.


Student leadership opportunities exist within the Houses (Captains) and a teacher is assigned as Head of House to oversee the wellbeing of the students in each House as well as the many House events that occur during the year, such as swimming and athletic carnivals, Music festival, inter-House sports and debating and House assemblies.



Educate A Child According To The Child’s Path

Proverbs 22:6
חנוך לנער על פי דרכו - Chanoch La Naar Al-Piy Darcho

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