Our graduates are prepared and ready to contribute to 21st century society as global, open-minded Jewish citizens.


IJͼ provides a nurturing environment on the one heritage-listed site for Pre-school to Year 12 students. It is a safe, happy and stimulating school where teachers strive to meet the individual learning, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our students. IJͼ’s culture is one that values community engagement, with students, staff and parents passionate about, and supportive of the School. Our exemplary teaching staff guides our students towards strong academic outcomes and personal excellence. They collaborate, share expertise, learn and continually improve their practice to ensure the most effective education for each student.


Life at IJͼ is rich in Jewish tradition. As a Community Jewish Day School we welcome and teach all streams of Judaism, diverse Jewish cultural customs and synagogue traditions, while retaining our commitment to egalitarianism and pluralism.


Students are proud of their school and its values and have a strong sense of worth and Jewish identity. At IJͼ we believe that education encompasses the broad domains of academic, sporting, musical and extra-curricular learning, while building a strong sense of responsibility, compassion and justice. Our students are well-rounded and grounded individuals, who are encouraged to develop their diverse interests and passions so as to make a positive difference to the world.


IJͼ is a place of learning, an environment that stimulates students to think critically with curiosity and creativity, to communicate and collaborate effectively, as well as to be skilled in digital literacy. Technology is a tool that enhances learning and builds student engagement, providing opportunities for students to develop their skills within an inquiry-based learning approach. Emerging technologies are considered and adopted as appropriate when they reflect and promote the School’s learning philosophy.


There are numerous opportunities for students who learn quickly to accelerate through the curriculum, as well as to be extended through a range of Gifted and Talented programs. The Wolanski Family Specialist Learning Centre provides support for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. These programs complement the School’s commitment to create opportunities for every student across the full spectrum of learning abilities to achieve their fullest potential.


The School’s commitment to excellence, quality, service and value ensures that it continually improves its programs for the benefit of its students. The House system helps integrate Jewish Life with mentoring, peer support and student wellbeing, and encourages student interactions and friendships that transcend different year groups.


IJͼ is a proud, respected and valuable contributor to the community and actively works with organisations which respect our ethos of openness and valuing of diversity. We encourage a culture of participation and foster teamwork among our students. As a socially and environmentally responsible school, IJͼ promotes student engagement in social, community and outreach programs, thus developing global citizens who fulfil the School’s values.

From All My Teachers I Grew Wise

Midrash Tehillim 119:99
מכל מלמדי השכלתי - Mikol Melamdai Hiskalti

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