An international artist on our midst

June 16, 2023

We are delighted to share that Kornmehl Pre-schooler, Lexi Kalinko, placed 1st in the Art school/child care/school, Australia division, 4-5 years category of the Happy HabitART Competition for Be the Future.

Children in 14 countries around the world were asked to create a drawing of the coral reef of their dreams. Their works were judged according to the artwork’s creativity, how the artist used shape, colour and together as well as the biodiversity of the corals, plants and animals that were included. 

Lexi told us about her artwork: “I thought about what to draw and I drew lots of fish, a turtle, sea grass and a kind of clown fish and seaweed. The clown fish is hiding away because a shark is about to come and he is scared so he has to hide. The turtle is swimming in the coral reef.

“People need to swim and keep their legs up and not on the coral because otherwise your feet can get sore and break the coral. The coral is real and we need to look after it. The person is checking if the coral is healthy. I am feeling happy to win.”

Lexi ‘s artwork will be featured in Kids Eco News & Green + Simple! and she has won an Arts and Crafts classroom pack and Eco School Box for the Pre-school.

We are so proud of Lexi and thank the Kornmehl educators for encouraging her creativity and self-expression.

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